Why Choose a Propane DeWalt Generator?

propane dewalt generator

The Propane Dewalt Generator is a great option for your home. This type of generator is extremely fuel efficient and provides the best fuel to power your home’s appliances. Choosing a propane dewalt generator will also help you save on maintenance, cleaning and refueling costs.


If you are planning a camping trip or emergency backup power, a propane DeWalt generator will be a good choice. Not only is it cheaper to run than a gasoline generator, but it is also cleaner burning. Unlike gasoline, propane does not vaporize, leaving less fumes in the air. Propane is also clean enough to be stored for long periods of time.

Before you buy a propane generator, you’ll want to determine what type of appliances you’ll need to operate. These may include a sump or well pump, electric water heater, portable space heater, or medical equipment.

You’ll also want to consider the physical size of the generator. Smaller models average 24 by 36 inches, whereas larger models are usually 30 by 48 inches. Generally, propane generators have an output of 9,000 to 20,000 watts. However, NFPA standards may vary. Some local codes also require a five foot clearance around a residential opening.

Depending on your specific needs, you may find a refurbished propane DeWalt generator that meets your needs. For example, if you are a professional contractor, you can purchase the DEWALT DXGN7200, which is job site tested, and features overload protection and a 389cc Honda GX390 engine. This model includes a lifting hook and an optional wheel kit.

Cleaner burning fuel

If you have a propane dewalt generator, you may want to consider switching to natural gas. It is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than gasoline, which leaves behind residue in the fuel line and system parts.

Natural gas is delivered via pipes or conduits to your home. Because it is a renewable fuel source, it doesn’t contribute to the greenhouse effect. Plus, it is available in virtually unlimited quantities. So there is never a shortage of fuel.

Another plus to using propane is the fact that you will not have to deal with the smell of gasoline. Gasoline is extremely volatile, which can lead to leaks and loss of fuel. Propane is not as volatile, but it is still best to monitor the level of fuel in the tank.

You should also check the carburetor. Old gasoline can clog the bowl and prevent new fuel from getting through. To clean the carburetor, you need a brush and towels.

Less maintenance

If you are looking for a less maintenance generator, consider a propane powered generator. Propane is an ideal solution for emergency power in cold weather regions. Unlike gasoline, it is available from dedicated propane providers. Additionally, propane does not breakdown like gasoline. In fact, it’s considered a “clean burning” fuel, which means it does not leave carbon deposits in the engine.

Gasoline, on the other hand, requires frequent upkeep. For instance, a clogged air filter will not only decrease the performance of your generator but also increase its fuel consumption. Plus, gasoline does not have a limitless shelf life, meaning you may need to refuel when you run out. Also, the energy density of a gasoline generator is relatively low.

Propane has the same benefits, though it comes with its own downsides. The most obvious of which is its limited availability. Not all gas stations are equipped to handle it. Additionally, it’s more expensive to buy from a dedicated provider. Even if you already have a propane tank, you’ll need to pay to have it filled.

Shelf life

Are you wondering how long the shelf life of propane is? If you are a gas generator user, you may have noticed that there are times when gas stations run out of propane refills. You might be thinking that it’s because the gas is bad, but this isn’t the case. Propane is on par with gasoline and natural gas in terms of its safety and performance. The main difference between propane and other types of fuel is that propane does not degrade over time, and it has a very long shelf life.

There are many reasons why propane is a good choice for a generator. First of all, it’s a non-hazardous fuel, which means it’s not subject to the same issues as gasoline and diesel. Plus, it provides 91,500 BTUs per gallon, which is more than double the amount provided by natural gas. It also has a high energy density, which is why it’s ideal for running power tools.