Why Buy a Dual Fuel Generator?

dual fuel generator honda engine

Dual fuel generators run on both gasoline and propane, giving you a backup power source. This gives you flexibility and peace of mind.

Gasoline burns faster and produces more power, while propane is a much cleaner option. It also burns slower, preventing carbon deposits from building up in your generator.

Dual Fuel

A dual fuel generator is a great option for those who want to have a backup generator that can be used in times of disaster such as hurricanes, typhoons and other power outages. These generators are able to run on gas or propane and are more convenient than single-fuel generators.

They are also easier to switch between when needed. Some of these generators even offer surge protection and can be easily connected to the electrical system for added safety.

Another consideration when choosing a dual fuel generator is how much power you need. If you only need to power a small home or camper, you might be better off with a smaller generator.

If you need more power for a larger home or job site, a dual fuel generator is an excellent choice. They tend to be more expensive than single-fuel generators, but are worth it when you need the flexibility of two fuel types.

Parallel Capacity

If you’re looking for a generator that is a hoot to use, there are few better places to start than your local Honda dealer. They have a plethora of options to choose from including the latest in technology, fuel type and size and will also be able to custom build a generator for your needs. They are experts when it comes to generators and will be able to assist you with all your power needs, from large scale projects like building your own home to small jobs that require a more discreet approach such as supplying power to your favourite brew house.

They also have some of the best customer service in the business, and if you’re lucky they might be able to help you find the right generator for your specific needs. It can be hard to know which model is right for you, so ask questions or get in touch with a specialist if you have any doubts.

Gasoline Capacity

If you are looking for a way to get your power fix on the cheap, a dual fuel generator is the way to go. You can use both propane and gasoline with one system, which is a lot more convenient than having to store each fuel type separately.

Gasoline is the fuel of choice for many portable power generator users, as it burns cleaner and lasts longer than its propane counterpart. It is also more affordable and is available in most major cities and towns, allowing you to stockpile your own supply of this eco-friendly fuel for emergencies or just in case you can’t make it to the nearest fuel station.

The best dual fuel generators have a well-designed gas tank and a couple of clever fuel fittings. These are all quick release so you can easily change the nozzles and fill up with ease. Other parts of the system include a dual run hose, a 6 gallon external tank with built-in fuel level indicator, and the best part is that there is only one set of gas caps you need to keep!

Noise Level

Whether it’s for home use or a job site, the Honda EU3000iS is one of the quietest generators you can buy. It’s built with an OHV 4-stroke, Honda GX200 engine that can generate up to 3000 starting watts and 2800 running watts. It’s the perfect value for those who want to power their home or campsite, or do a few small DIY projects.

However, what’s interesting about this model is that it also comes with a DAVR (Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator). These are a new technology Honda has been developing for many years and they have many advantages over traditional AVR systems. The DAVR is designed to hold voltage stability within +/- 1%, which is a huge advantage in terms of efficiency and reliability.