Whole House Generator Using Propane

whole house generator using propane

If you’re looking for a reliable whole house generator, you may want to consider one that uses propane. These generators are more eco-friendly and less harmful than gasoline-powered options.

Propane generators are designed to run for days or weeks using a full propane tank. They are also very safe and quiet.


Propane is a cleaner burning fuel that produces less greenhouse gases than gasoline, diesel or natural gas. This is good news for the environment and the local air quality.

Whole house generators powered by propane also offer a more environmentally friendly option than other types of generators. They produce 12 percent less c02, 20 percent less NOx and 80 percent less smog producing hydrocarbon emissions.

In addition to being a greener fuel, propane can also help you save money in the long run. This is because generators using propane last longer than those fueled by gasoline or diesel, and they require less maintenance.

Power outages can be a serious inconvenience, but having a whole house generator is a great way to keep your home safe and comfortable in the event of an electrical outage. A generator keeps your sump pump running to prevent flood damage, protects your food and cherished items like pictures and movies, and ensures your home security system works.

No carbon monoxide

One of the benefits of having a whole house generator is that it can keep you and your family powered up during a power outage. This is particularly important during summer electrical storms, when your home can go without power for days on end.

Propane is a great choice for a whole house generator because it’s a clean burning fuel that produces less carbon monoxide than gasoline. It also has safety features that keep it from leaking or spilling.

The most significant advantage of a propane powered whole house generator is that it will keep you and your family safe from the dangers of power outages. It’s best to have it installed by a licensed professional, so you can rest easy knowing that the job will be done right the first time. A well-trained technician will install a battery backup and connect your unit to your main natural gas line. This will save you from having to worry about keeping a full tank of liquid propane on hand.

Low maintenance

Whole house generators are an ideal solution for anyone looking to save money on fuel. They are also easy to control and manage over Wi-Fi. They are even able to sync up with smart home devices like Alexa, which makes them ideal for homeowners who want to get the most out of their investment.

Propane is a great choice because it produces no carbon monoxide and has minimal storage requirements. It can also last for longer than gasoline, allowing you to power up your home for long periods of time without having to worry about running out of gas.

Another reason to consider a whole house generator using propane is that it’s very low maintenance. These models are self-tested periodically and have lower RPMs, making them far quieter than their gasoline counterparts.

Easy to store

Unlike gasoline generators, which require you to carry fuel tanks to the nearest gas station and wait for it to be pumped, propane whole house generators are easy to store. You simply connect the hose and let the generator do the work of syphoning the fuel from the tank (which is sold separately).

Moreover, the storage tanks for propane are safe and secure, so you don’t have to worry about spills or waste during fill-ups. Luckily, propane is available all over the United States at hardware stores and local gas stations.

Aside from its eco-friendliness and low maintenance, propane is also very affordable. It is less expensive than other popular fuels like gasoline and diesel, and it doesn’t degrade over time. This means you can store it for a long period of time without having to add expensive stabilizers. Plus, it’s easy to store in a home storage tank, and most areas have dealers that can set you up with a tank and get it delivered in no time.