Whole House Generator – The Importance of Annual Maintenance

whole house generator yearly maintenance

If you have a whole house generator, you should be aware of the importance of having it maintained at least once a year. There are a number of factors to consider when performing maintenance on the unit. First of all, you will want to get a professional assessment of the system. Second, you will want to maintain the oil level and air filter. Finally, you will want to inspect the electrical systems of the unit.

Changing the oil

If you own a whole house generator, you will probably be familiar with changing the oil. It is an easy process, and the oil helps to keep the internal parts of the engine running properly.

If you are unsure of when to change the oil, consult your owner’s manual. You should also be aware that the frequency of your oil changes will depend on your generator model. Larger, more powerful generators require less frequent oil changes than smaller, less powerful ones.

Some experts recommend a full oil change every 50 to 200 hours of operation. This is known as the maintenance interval. During a prolonged power outage, you may need to check the level more often.

You can find out the exact number of hours it takes to change the oil by checking the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular generator. In addition, you should change the oil filter as part of the process.

Changing the air filter

Changing the air filter on your whole house generator is an important part of annual maintenance. It can be a simple task. However, it is important to do it correctly. Otherwise, it could clog up and damage your generator.

The amount of time it takes for your air filter to become clogged is largely dependent on how much you use your generator. If you do not use your generator infrequently, you may only need to change it every few years. But if you use your generator regularly, your air filter should be replaced about once every 60 days.

Having a clean, efficient air filter is one of the most important parts of your whole home generator. Dirty air filters can restrict the flow of fresh air into your unit, which forces it to work harder.

Keeping the oil level up

Keeping the oil level up in your whole house generator is essential. This can prevent engine failure during emergencies. In addition, it can help you avoid the inconvenience of unexpected repair costs.

The amount of oil you need depends on the make and model of your generator. You should also consult the owner’s manual to get specific instructions. If you are not sure of how to change the oil, contact the manufacturer for advice.

Oil changes are typically performed on a schedule. If you operate your generator in a very humid or dusty environment, for example, you may want to change the oil more often. Also, the type of oil you use can have a profound impact on your generator’s performance. Some models require synthetic oil, while others use conventional or semi-synthetic oil.

Inspecting the generator’s electrical systems

If you own a whole house generator, you should know how to inspect the electrical systems during yearly maintenance. The key to this process is being able to identify and fix potential problems. This will ensure that your generator runs smoothly.

A professional inspection is also necessary if you own an older system. These older generators have more complex components than their modern counterparts. They can be more difficult to repair. Getting a certified technician to check your generator is crucial.

When assessing your whole house generator’s electrical systems, you should start by looking for signs of pooling. You should also look for leaks in the coolant lines and hoses.

Next, you should have the battery charger checked. Check the voltage and amperage levels. A drained battery can prevent your generator from functioning properly. Also, be sure the circuit breaker is working.

Getting a professional assessment

Getting a professional to perform a yearly maintenance check up is the best way to ensure that your genset is running smooth and slick. A hefty tune up should ensure that your generator is performing at a consistent and efficient clip for years to come. The most cost effective option is to engage a local company to perform this high powered task. Having a trusted hand in the maintenance department means you can devote more time to the rest of your life. This is not only a more enjoyable, but also more affordable. A professional may also suggest more efficient power consumption for your home or office based generator.