Whole House Generator Backup Prevents Power Outages

whole house generator backup

When a storm hits, power outages can be an inconvenience. But when you are without power for days, it can turn into a disaster.

The last round of severe weather in the Midwest left many people without power for days. This meant food spoiling, mold growing, and basements prone to flooding being robbed of their working sump pump.


Whole house generator backup is a permanent installation that provides you with the power to keep your home functioning as normal during a power outage. These systems use fuel-powered generators to produce the necessary electricity to power appliances and electronics throughout your home.

These machines typically have liquid-cooled engines that operate efficiently even in extreme temperatures and are designed to last longer than portable generators. The engine can be powered by propane, natural gas or other fuels.

Choosing the right size generator is important to ensure that it can provide enough energy for all your household needs during a power outage. You should consult an expert about what type of generator to get based on your energy usage and backup power needs.

Whole house backup generators are usually paired with automatic transfer switches that automatically detect a power outage and turn on the backup generator within seconds. This helps prevent dangerous back-feed into the power grid that can potentially harm utility workers.

Protection from Burst Water Pipes

When your power goes out during a winter storm, the pipes in your home may freeze, resulting in a major water disaster. A burst pipe could damage your house and cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

Protecting your home from a burst pipe is easy to do with the installation of a whole house generator backup. A whole house generator will keep your water pipes at a safe temperature, preventing them from freezing and bursting.

A backup generator will also keep your refrigerator and freezer running so you won’t lose valuable food during a power outage. It will also keep your heating systems up and running, ensuring your home stays warm during the coldest winter months.

Energy Savings

Many homes rely on electricity for things like water pumps, heating, cooking, and other essential functions. Without power, these systems stop working and cause a host of problems.

If your home has a backup generator, it won’t just protect you from loss of power-it will save you money in the long run as well. Whole house generators are permanently installed by a professional and come with insulated weatherproof housing that keeps them relatively quiet.

The fuel source for these generators is natural gas or liquid propane, but they can also run on diesel. They are much larger and more powerful than standby generators, and they’re more efficient at generating energy.

Whole house generators have advanced load-management technology that allows them to keep everything running at once, and even power air conditioners. They’re also more fuel-efficient than standby generators, which are better suited to powering only a few appliances at a time.


Power outages can occur for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s a storm or an overloaded electrical grid, the loss of electricity can be disastrous for your home and family.

Whole house generator backup ensures that all essential home appliances, lighting and HVAC systems continue to function during a power outage. They also protect against food spoilage and prevent water pipes from freezing and bursting.

Safety is one of the main reasons that whole house generator backup is a better option than portable models. They don’t pose the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or smoke inhalation, which is a big concern with portable generators.

Newer generators include built-in CO safety technology that turns them off when they detect dangerous levels. But this only works if the exhaust is directed away from your house. If it’s spewing into your basement, for example, that area can easily reach deadly levels before the sensor does anything to stop it.