Which Portable Generators Are Made in the USA?

There are many different brands of portable generators on the market today, but which ones are manufactured in the US? In this article, we will look at Onan, Craftsman, Generac, and Yamaha. The manufacturers of these brands are based in Arizona and offer a variety of products. While they are owned by a Chinese company, they act as de facto distributors in the US. Which one is best for you?


Onan’s company headquarters are located in downtown Elkhart, Indiana. Founded in 1920 by D.W. Onan, the company has been producing power generation equipment for over 50 years. In addition to portable generators, the company also manufactures marine engines and commercial diesel generators. This makes Onan portable generators the leading choice for homeowners, contractors, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to power a small home office, a boat, or a commercial building, Onan can be your best choice.

Regardless of the power source, Onan portable generators run on gasoline, diesel, or liquid propane. They’re also compatible with most recreational vehicles, including recreational vehicles, motorhomes, and heavy-duty trucks. Most of these generators are permanently integrated into RVs. You can choose from a range of models to power everything from a small camper to a large RV. Because Onan generators are so popular, parts are easy to replace and the company has standardized its products, ensuring that your power source will not be compromised during a road trip.


Many consumers may be asking, “Why are Craftsman portable generators made in the USA?” They might be concerned about the effects of the global pandemic on their local economy. The truth is that many industries are currently waiting for overseas parts to arrive and are struggling to find alternatives. By purchasing a USA-made generator, you are supporting a local economy and creating other jobs for local workers. It’s no secret that every dollar you spend on a generator generates a three-fold economic multiplier in the community where it was manufactured.

Despite the negative impact of ethanol on many engines, Craftsman portable generators are still made in the USA. Their models feature push button electric starts and a running capacity of 7,000 watts, making them ideal for jobsite use, outdoor events, or a backup power source for the home. Moreover, they use 8.5-gallon fuel tanks for up to 12 hours of continuous use.


The company produces a wide variety of generators for home, office, and commercial use, and their products are affordable, too. Their portable and standby generators range from 500 watts to 8,000 watts, and they have a wide range of models available. Some of their products are very quiet and can operate up to eight hours on a single charge. They also produce high-efficiency generators that reduce noise pollution and run more quietly than other brands.

The company also stands behind its products and offers 24/7 customer service. If you have questions about your Generac product, you can contact their Customer Service team at any time. They’re located near Generac’s corporate headquarters in Wisconsin and are available to answer any questions you may have. Generac has been manufacturing home standby generators since 1989, and in 2013 their sales surpassed one million units. You can trust that you’ll enjoy years of reliable service from this company.


The Japanese company Yamaha Corporation was founded in 1887. Their products span every industry, with fingers in just about every pie. They’re best known for their motorcycles and musical instruments, but they also manufacture generators, a popular choice for RV owners and campers alike. Their portable generators are no different, although many of their newer models are manufactured in China. However, if you’re looking for an excellent portable generator to power your RV, Yamaha is an excellent choice.

The company first started producing generators in 1973, and now produces some of the world’s most popular models. They offer a wide variety of portable generators, from camping generators to rugged workhorses for the job site. They also make hassle-free companions for a mobile business. From the small, lightweight portable models to large generators that can power a whole town, Yamaha makes portable generators for a variety of applications.


Founded in California, Firman has established itself as one of the leading global manufacturers of portable power. Firman Generators with Kohler Engines are now available for purchase in North America. These generators are noted for their durability, reliability, and superior performance. The company prides itself on its American manufacturing and design. It also offers excellent after-sale service and technical support. It also makes use of state-of-the-art R&D facilities to ensure that all of its portable generators meet the highest industry standards.

The company is headquartered in California, but it also manufactures its products in China. Its product line also includes engines, water pumps, and pressure washers. The company produces inverting portable generators and electric starters. It has manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and California, but most of its production is done overseas. Despite the fact that Firman generators are made in the USA, many people still view this manufacturer with skepticism. Nevertheless, Asian products are not all junk. In fact, several new Asian companies have emerged that manufacture high-quality products at affordable prices.


One of the most important factors when buying a portable generator is the country it is made in. Many American manufacturers choose to source parts from other countries, which means that you’re supporting an international company’s supply chain. If you buy a USA-made generator, you’re also supporting local jobs and economies, which creates other opportunities for workers. Each dollar spent on a USA-made machine creates at least three times more local jobs.

The HHD6250 produces up to 6250W of power, has a 7.4 gallon tank, and runs for up to 9 hours. This unit is quiet enough that you won’t hear it when it’s running – at 84dB, it’s quieter than the average human conversation. The HHD6250 has a built-in circuit breaker system that protects it from overload, and a low oil indicator to prevent the generator from causing irreparable damage to your device.