Which Portable Generator is Right For You?

Portable generators can help you stay powered up in the event of a power outage. However, with so many brands on the market it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Here are some things to consider when picking out a unit.

Generac GP6500 COsense

The Generac GP6500 COsense is an impressively powerful machine. It offers an enormous 8,125 watts of power, but it can do more than just power your air conditioner. This generator is designed to be used in construction sites and to deliver power to large RVs, ensuring your job is done on time.

In addition to its large output, the GP6500 COsense also features a built-in fuel gauge and a fold-down handle that provides portability and flexibility. Another feature is the PowerRush Advanced Technology that boosts the starting capacity by 40%. Aside from its obvious benefits, the GP6500 COsense is also CARB-compliant.

Among its other features is a low-oil shutoff that protects the engine from damage. Moreover, the 6.6 gallon tank is big enough to run the machine for nearly 11 hours.

Predator 62523

If you are looking for a portable generator that is a little more powerful than the average unit, Predator may be a good option for you. It can provide power for a variety of activities, from tailgating to camping. And the company offers a 90-day warranty on its product. In addition, it comes with a handy repair manual, so you’ll have everything you need to keep your power equipment working in tip-top shape.

Predator models come in a range of sizes and capabilities. There are two main types: the 8750 and the 6500. Each has a 420cc engine and weighs around 50 pounds.

Predator 8750 has an impressive fuel efficiency. It runs on 87 unleaded gasoline, which means you can run it without having to add more.

Powerhorse 7500i

If you are looking for a powerful and efficient generator, you should check out the Powerhorse 7500i. It is a generator that is both durable and easy to operate. The 7500i features a 420 cc OHV 4-stroke gasoline fueled engine. This means you will have clean power for sensitive electronic equipment.

The Powerhorse 7500i is also quieter than other generators in the same power range. The noise rating is 55 dBA. The generator is also transfer switch ready and has an L5-30R receptacle. You can also link up other units for added power.

The Powerhorse 7500i comes with a 2 year warranty. This warranty includes residential and commercial use. There is also an extended warranty that is available.

The unit is EPA and CARB certified. There is also a low oil shut down feature and emergency recoil backup. In addition, the generator has a digital data center that provides information on the generator’s activities and output.

Honda EU2000iT1A1

If you are in the market for a new generator, you may want to consider the Honda EU2000iT1A1 portable generator. This device will keep you powered up when the power goes out, but if you need more power, you will need to look at a bigger, more expensive model.

The Honda EU2000iT1A1 is a small, but powerful generator that will run a few lights and a couple of small appliances. However, if you need a more substantial amount of power, you will want to look at the larger Honda 7000 watt brushless generators. Those will be more powerful and last longer than a smaller unit. You can get them at Harbor Freight for a few hundred dollars less than you would pay at your local hardware store.

Goal Zero

Whether you’re preparing for a road trip, camping, or are just in need of a backup power supply, a portable generator is an indispensable piece of equipment. If you’re in the market for a generator, be sure to consider one from the Goal Zero brand. This company has a reputation for producing the best outdoor gear, and they’re also known for their dedication to clean energy.

The Goal Zero Power Station is an all-in-one solution that provides more than enough power to run a variety of devices. Its powerful inverter can recharge your phone, laptop, and other electronic gadgets in as little as 13 hours, depending on the conditions. Additionally, it has three electrical circuits, so it’s ideal for use in the home or at the worksite. Plus, it features zero emissions, making it an environmentally friendly product.