Where Are Impax Generators Made?

where are impax generators made

If you want a high-quality, compact generator that will give you pure sine wave power, you should consider an IMPAX. Founded in 2003, the company has a headquarters in Ontario, California, and factories in China. As a result, you can trust IMPAX generators to deliver the power you need while being compact and lightweight.

IMPAX generators are made in the United States

The IMPAX 2800W inverter generator is a rugged and powerful device that generates pure Sine Wave energy. It is designed to provide 2800W of continuous power and features low noise and thermal overload protection. Unlike many inverter generators that come from China, IMPAX generators are made in the United States.

They produce pure sine wave power

The Maxwatt 2000W model produces pure sine wave power and is one of the most affordable options for those on a budget. It comes with a two-year warranty and national service support. Its features make it ideal for use in the home or on the go. This model also offers a USB outlet and a carry handle for easy portability.

They are lightweight

IMPAX generators are lightweight and compact with an impressive range of power outputs. They feature modern 4-cycle engines that offer fuel efficiency and low noise. In addition, they come with IP24 (ingress protection) cases, an auto-throttle, and digital inverter technology, making them ideal for any outdoor power requirement.

They have an IP24 (ingress protection) case

IMPAX generators are lightweight, compact, and feature a variety of power outputs. They are based on a digital inverter technology that makes power distribution more efficient. This makes them ideal for outdoor power needs, including camping tools. Moreover, they are designed with low noise and an IP24 (ingress protection) case for added protection.

They are fuel efficient

Impax generators use a gas-powered inverter that is 30% more fuel efficient than standard generators. This technology allows them to adjust their engine speed and produce less power when needed. These fuel-efficient generators are also quieter, with special mufflers and sound-dampening technology.

They are quiet

Impax generators are very quiet, which is a key consideration when buying a generator. A quiet machine will allow you to use it without disturbing the neighbors. This generator has an extremely low noise level of only 93 decibels and will allow you to use it for most of your home appliances. This machine is also able to run up to 4 amps of electrical current, making it an excellent choice for the home.