What to Look For in a Standby Generator on Sale

standby generator on sale

If you’re looking for a standby generator for sale, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of options available. You can choose from inverter, liquid-cooled or air-cooled models, as well as dual-fuel options. All of these options provide quiet, efficient operation and low maintenance.

Low maintenance

A standby generator provides a backup source of electricity. It can help in a wide variety of situations, such as when power is interrupted or during an emergency. These generators come in various shapes, sizes and power capacities.

Unlike portable generators, a standby generator is permanently installed. This means it requires professional installation, which may also involve a permit or approval from the fire department.

A standby generator can run on several fuels, including liquid propane, natural gas, and diesel. Because they require minimal maintenance, they are a great choice for homeowners.

Quiet operation

Are you looking for a standby generator that runs quietly? There are several different types of generators to choose from. They include gas, diesel, and propane generators. Each type has its own noise level and may be more suitable for certain uses.

Choosing a quiet generator can be a challenge. However, there are a few factors to consider before you go out and buy.

One good way to find a model that will fit your needs is to compare them side by side. When it comes to quiet generators, inverter generators are the clear winner. They have small, efficient motors and advanced mufflers. In addition, they self-regulate power delivery.


The lifespan of standby generators is determined by several factors. The type of generator, the quality of the engine and the maintenance are all important. A reputable brand name generator usually provides a longer useful life.

Depending on the size, maintenance and frequency of use, a standby generator may last 20 to 40 years. It is vital to maintain and service the generator regularly. Taking care of the engine and oil will ensure its optimal performance.

A standby generator can be used to provide backup power for extended outages. They are generally powered by natural gas or diesel. If you are concerned about the emissions of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, you should consider a generator using catalyzed gas.

Liquid-cooled or air-cooled

Liquid-cooled or air-cooled standby generators are used in commercial and industrial settings. They are also used in homes. However, it’s important to choose one that will suit your needs.

There are many factors that determine the type of standby generator you need. First, you need to determine how much power you need and where it will be located. Secondly, you need to know the differences between an air-cooled and a liquid-cooled model.

An air-cooled model is generally smaller and more efficient. It uses a fan to force air across the engine. The heat is then transferred to the coolant in the radiator. In comparison, a liquid-cooled system uses a more complex design and more components.


Having a dual-fuel generator on hand is a great emergency preparedness measure. It will help to power your appliances if the power goes out. It can also be a useful tool for camping. You can use it to charge your RV, or run your high-powered tools.

You can find dual-fuel generators that will run on either propane or gas. The two main types of fuel offer different advantages. For instance, propane is much quieter than gasoline. Nonetheless, it doesn’t last as long as gas does.

Dual-fuel generators can be a bit more expensive than traditional generators, but they do have a few benefits. For instance, you can run the machine at both 120V and 240V for maximum output.


Inverters are an efficient way to provide backup power. They provide clean, consistent, and quiet power. They are also much more portable than traditional generators.

Inverters work by converting your DC power into a more efficient alternating current. The process uses an electronic circuit to invert the power and creates a smooth, unchanging electrical signal. This means that they are suitable for all your electronics, including televisions, computers, and other high-power devices.

Inverters use less fuel than conventional generators. Their engines run at lower speeds when there is no load, so they burn less fuel. Inverters also have automatic start and shutdown features. These functions are useful because they help conserve fuel.


A Cummins standby generator on sale provides a safe way to power on automatically during a power outage. It can also help you save money and give you comfort. It is an excellent investment. You can purchase one of these backup power systems at a factory authorized dealer.

You can choose between a portable or stationary system. A portable unit can be hooked up to your home’s electrical system for backup power. The portable model can also be fueled by propane, natural gas, or gasoline.

For larger homes, a stationary generator is preferred. This type of generator can provide the necessary power for an entire house, without the hassle of refilling a tank of gas every five hours. These models are very quiet.