What Are the Best Portable Generators to Buy?

what are the best portable generators to buy

When it comes to portable generators, reliability is key. These units are often prone to failure, making it a tricky choice to make. The reliability of a generator depends on several factors, including the reviews of previous buyers and the brand’s promise of quality. Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the leading models and brands.

Honda’s EU2200i

The EU2200i Companion offers 10% more power than its predecessor, the EU2000 Companion, making it a great choice for RV use. Its compact design makes it portable yet powerful enough to run bigger appliances like TVs and saws. It also includes a 30A receptacle, which is ideal for RV applications.

The Honda EU2200i portable generator is powered by a commercial-grade Honda GXR120 engine and delivers 2200 watts of power and 120 volts. It is also ultra-quiet, making it a great choice for camping or overnight use. The generator is lightweight, weighing only 46.5 pounds.

The Honda EU2200i is equipped with an Eco-Throttle System. This system automatically adjusts the engine speed to lower exhaust emissions. It is compatible with many electronics, including LED lights and portable audio systems.

Yamaha’s iQ3500

This portable generator provides clean, stable power and a convenient control panel. It has three operation settings and a fuel capacity of 2.6 gallons. It offers two DC outlets and two USB ports for charging devices. The iQ3500 has a 10-year battery, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing the batteries for as long as you own the generator.

The iQ3500 features an LCD display that lets you know the exact fuel level, remaining runtime, and the total number of hours you’ve used it. It also features an automatic low oil shutoff and an overload protection system.

Hyundai’s iQ3500

The IQ3500 is close to ready to use right out of the box. To start it up, open the front access panel and connect the wiring to the battery. Next, fill the fuel tank with 10W-30 oil or gas. Note that the fuel can contain up to 10% ethanol. If you want to run the IQ3500 on non-ethanol fuel, read the fuel label to ensure it is compatible with the unit.

This lightweight, high-performance unit features a 212-cc 4-stroke engine. It produces 3000 starting watts of power. It weighs almost 10 pounds less than its predecessor. The iQ3500 is a versatile generator with a range of applications.

Generac’s GP6500 COsense

The CO-SENSE Technology found in the Generac GP6500 portable generator prevents carbon monoxide poisoning, making it the perfect choice for homes and businesses during a power outage. This generator will automatically shut down when increased CO is detected. This feature protects the home from carbon monoxide poisoning and can be used to run appliances, well pumps, and lights during power outages.

The CO-SENSE Technology in the Generac GP6500 COsense portable generator will prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, protecting you, your family, and your home. This generator is great for running lights, appliances, and well pumps during a power outage, and will automatically shut off if the CO levels are too high. The generator has an hour meter for easy monitoring and shut down.

Harbor Freight’s Predator 8750

Harbor Freight’s Predator 875 portable generator is a popular choice for people who are looking for a reliable portable power source. Its open frame design, four-post design, and steel roll cage make it a sturdy and durable option. It weighs around 183 pounds, and comes with wheels for portability. This portable power supply also features easy-to-understand instructions and a light indicator.

This generator also includes a built-in fuel gauge and automatic low oil shutoff. It also has overload protection, which helps prevent the device from being used in an emergency. In addition, the Predator 8750 is backed by a 90-day warranty. While this is not the best warranty period in the market, it is still more than adequate.