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What Are Multi-Fuel Generators?

When looking at the different types of generators, it’s important to dig deeper and pinpoint how specific versions work. This includes multi-fuel generators that are readily available on the open market. This guide will take a look at defining what a multi-fuel generator is, how it works, and what the different fuel types are all about.

What Are Multi-Fuel Generators?

Multi-fuel generators are designed to act as a backup power source for main power generators or as independent power generators at worksites or around the house. These generators are just like the name suggests built to run with “multi-fuel” sources. This means you can use the type of fuel source that is in line with your power requirements at that moment. This is useful because it increases the generator’s versatility and makes it an easy fit into your life.



Consistent Fuel Source

Gasoline is a consistent fuel source, which means it is not going to fade in and out when in use. This is beneficial when it comes to an emergency and making sure you are getting a consistent power source that will work as soon as it is turned on. When it comes to going with a fuel source that is readily available and consistent, this is as good as it gets for multi-fuel generators.

Efficient Performance

The performance is something you are going to care about more than anything else. When you require power, it’s important to make sure things are as efficient as possible. This is what you get with gasoline. It will work well and continue to churn out the same performance metrics as long as gasoline runs through.



The only issue with this can be the cost. You are going to have to foot the bill for the gasoline and that can be pricey these days. It is important to account for this by having a set budget and ensuring you are recording everything to know when the expenses rack up. For those who don’t worry about budgeting, this is not going to be a con at all.



Easy To Start

This is noted for being the quickest to start and easily set up. If you are someone that wants a prompt, well-designed start that is going to get the generator to its maximum potential right away then it’s time to look at propane. This is a fuel source that is quick with everything it does and that is what makes it beneficial in the first place.

Easy To Operate

Operating the generator has to be a breeze or you are going to get overwhelmed. A lot of people struggle with other fuel sources but that is not a worry here at all. Propane is easy to operate and takes seconds to set up. This is valuable when you are particular about getting the generator running. Furthermore, propane is a lot less trouble than a gas model if you are preparing your generator for winter.


Shorter Lifespan

The lifespan tends to be shorter when using this fuel source. This has to do with how efficiently the generator uses the fuel.

Natural Gas


Cleaner Fuel

This is noted for being the cleanest fuel source available for generators. Natural gas is good and clean, which is useful when you want to optimize your performance metrics.


This is an affordable fuel source as long as natural gas is available in the area. This is key for those who are on a tight budget.


Emits Carbon Dioxide

The one issue you are going to see with this type of fuel source is the carbon dioxide emissions. They are much higher than any other fuel source, which is not good for the planet.

Final Thoughts

Multi-fuel generators are very popular devices in the portable generator area. Their versatility makes them highly sought after for a number of uses. Gasoline, propane, and natural gas each have their own benefits and drawbacks, but the option to choose the one that works best for you comes in handy. While multi-fuel generators are generally more expensive, their benefits outweigh the added expense by a wide margin.