Warrior Portable Generator Review

where are warrior generators made

If you’re in the market for a new generator, there are a number of factors you should consider. The manufacturing facility, price, warranty, and quietness are all factors you need to consider when comparing models. To help you make the best choice, read on for our detailed review of the Warrior 16 litre portable generator. There’s no reason to delay your power supply during an emergency! Start saving money today!

Manufacturing facility

Warrior Generators are a small diesel generator manufacturer with a range of power outputs to suit a variety of sectors. Their range of diesel generators are renowned for their exceptional value for money. The company has a UK and US-based manufacturing facility that provides a quality product and efficient service. Read on for more information about Warrior Generators. Here are some of the main benefits of purchasing a Warrior generator.

HIPOWER first entered the North American market in 2004 with components imported from the HIMOINSA headquarters in Spain. In 2012, the company started full-scale manufacturing in Kansas, where it had been operating for 14 years. With the new manufacturing facility, HIPOWER will design all generator components, increasing its market share in the generator set industry in the United States. Its WE-18KW generator is ideal for residential, industrial and construction applications. It comes equipped with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) input port, which can automatically start and stop the unit if the mains supply is interrupted. Warrior generators are dual-voltage compatible, meaning they can give you up to 50-60% of the rated output when running on a lower voltage. The unit comes with a two-year warranty.


If you are considering purchasing a Warrior generator, you will be pleased to find that these portable power units come with a warranty. This warranty covers the product for a period of one year after purchase and may be extended to a lifetime when serviced yearly. A warranty on these portable power units also covers any replacement parts that may impair the safety of your electrical equipment. While most warranties cover a specific period of time, some may last for a lifetime.

For your peace of mind, you’ll be glad to know that your Warrior generator is covered by a comprehensive warranty. This coverage protects your investment, as long as you maintain proper maintenance. If you’re going to use your generator, it’s essential to know that the parts and labour will need to be replaced periodically. The warranty doesn’t cover any damages caused by normal usage. A damaged or tampered product will void the warranty, so it’s vital to use proper tools and techniques.


The Warrior WE-18KW Generator is a powerful and reliable 16-litre portable generator with a 12 hour run time at 50% load. It is perfect for domestic supply, catering, and industrial applications. It is equipped with a Wireless Remote control so that the operator can start the machine from up to 10 metres away. It features two output sockets, 240V and 110V, and a remote start function. If you need a portable generator to power your tools, you should consider the Warrior WG16HW16A, WL16W-18KW, or WE-18GH.

Warrior generators offer excellent value for money. As a British company, they produce small diesel generators that offer good power levels and reliability. The units are backed by a 2-year warranty and are low noise and emission. The Warrior range of portable generators competes well with many larger brands. To find out whether Warrior is the right choice for your needs, read on! You’ll be happy with the price!


Warrior LDG6500SVWRC Diesel Generator is equipped with increased power and efficiency. Its EURO V emission standard engine and brushed copper alternator are designed to deliver steady motor speeds. Besides, this quieter warrior generator also has an Automatic Voltage Regulator control system that monitors output voltage and protects against voltage fluctuations. Apart from these features, this quieter warrior generator is protected from vibrations with its soundproof canopy. It also has an industrial-grade, heavy-duty frame that provides full protection and ease of portability. It also comes with an extra long warranty period.


If you’re planning to go on a camping trip this summer, you’ll need a portable power source. A portable standby generator is the perfect choice. Warrior’s portable generators are ideal for domestic and light-duty commercial applications. These portable standby generators have a remote start feature and are designed for single phase and 240 volt output. There are many advantages to choosing a Warrior generator.

The Warrior generator features a 60-litre fuel tank that will allow you to run it for up to 24 hours at 50% load. It is ideal for domestic power supply, catering, and industrial use. It can also power up lighting units and power tools. For peace of mind, this generator has an Automatic Transfer Switch input port, compatible with the Warrior ATS panel. It will automatically start and stop when it senses a power outage.


If you’re looking for a cheap, durable generator, consider the Warrior Equipment WE-18KW. This powerful unit is capable of providing power for concrete grinders, vacuums, and power tools. Its 35-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine is a solid choice for heavy-duty use. This portable unit features a built-in Automatic Voltage Regulator, which monitors output voltage and protects your equipment from voltage fluctuations. The automatic voltage regulator ensures a smooth sine wave.

The Warrior LDG6000S is the closest competitor to the Hyundai DHY6000SE, but it’s cheaper. It’s also quieter, lighter, and comes with a double warranty. Despite being 30% cheaper, this small-scale manufacturer offers excellent value for money. With a warranty that extends to two years, you won’t be out of luck if it breaks down. The Warrior LDG6000S is a great choice for homeowners and professionals alike.