The Most Popular Portable Generators

There are a few different types of portable generators. For instance, you can choose between Honda, Westinghouse, or Duromax. Each of these types is great for different purposes. The following are some of the best portable generators. If you’re looking for the best option for your needs, look no further.

Inverter generators

While inverter generators are popular for their convenience and versatility, there are several limitations to their performance. One of the most significant is that inverters cannot be used to run appliances that cycle on and off. In addition, the engine’s speed must remain constant or it will run at a low load. An inrush current, which is a brief surge in power demand, will reduce the engine’s ability to meet this demand. This instability will last for less than a second.

One important aspect of inverter generators is their warranty. While most come with a one-year warranty, many of the popular brands offer extended warranties.


You can get a Honda portable generator in a variety of styles. Many of these units have safety features and are easy to use. It is important to follow the manual and know how to operate it. Any device that generates electricity has a risk of electrical shock or fire. You must read the user manual carefully to learn how to turn it off in case of an emergency. It is also important to know which electrical components you can connect. If you are not sure what to connect, seek the help of an expert. Another important factor is to never refuel your generator while it is running. The petrol vapor in the air can cause serious burns.

Another benefit of the Honda portable generator is its lightweight design. Even its smallest inverter model weighs only 29 pounds. It also has a folding handle and a protective roll cage.


A Westinghouse portable generator is a convenient, low-cost option to provide emergency power. It is easy to install and operates straight out of the box. It can also be easily connected to other generators, providing twice the power. It is also very quiet. Users who own Westinghouse generators report that it has a smooth operation and excellent customer service.

A Westinghouse portable generator is built with quality parts and will last for years. It is made by Westinghouse Electric Corporation, a company that has been around for more than 100 years. Its generators come with a two-year warranty on domestic parts. The company is headquartered in the United States and produces its generators in a number of factories throughout the world.

Duromax XP1200EH

If you need a powerful portable generator for a weekend camping trip, the Duromax XP1200E has the features you need. This high-powered unit has a lightweight, compact design that makes it easy to transport. The noise level from 23 feet away is only 72dB, which is low enough to not disturb your neighbors. It also meets EPA and CARB standards for noise emissions. The XP1200EH features an LED panel for monitoring essential information. It also has a built-in fuel gauge.

It has multiple outlets and a large wattage capacity. It also comes with a dedicated tech support team and an email support system for customer service. It has a one-year parts warranty and a 30-day replacement warranty. This warranty covers parts and labor. However, freight charges are the customer’s responsibility during the warranty period.


This portable generator boasts impressive power ratings. It has 8,000 running watts and a peak capacity of 10,000 watts. It is also much quieter than other models in its class. It has a variety of different features, including a Quiet-Test mode that allows you to test the machine on a weekly basis. This mode operates at a low 57 decibels. However, it lacks a transfer switch.

Generac also offers a wide range of options for its portable generators. For example, the PowerPact is a basic, but very well-equipped home generator. It is ideal for backup power for essential appliances. The PowerPact has an automatic transfer switch and a power transfer switch, so you can use it to cover eight circuits. It can also provide up to 7,500 watts of power when using propane. However, when using natural gas, the PowerPact is limited to only 6,000 watts.