The Best Portable Generators Available in the UK

portable generator uk

If you’re planning a camping trip, caravanning or even just need some power back-up when the power goes off at home, you might want to consider getting a portable generator. These devices can provide power for a variety of things, from charging your phone to lighting up a campsite or van.

Champion Power Equipment P1000i

Small engine specialists Champion Power Equipment make a range of impressive-looking generators. Their P1000i is an excellent example of a small, lightweight portable inverter generator that is perfect for camping or travelling with.

The P1000i is powered by a 54cc easy-start recoil Hyundai petrol engine which can generate up to 1000w / 1kW of maximum output. It’s more than capable of powering TVs, small air pumps for inflatable beds, laptops and phones chargers – and it’s quiet too!

It’s ideal for camping, tailgating, providing backup power in your RV or as a source of emergency standby electricity. It runs on gasoline or propane (available separately) and you can switch fuels with the patented Champion fuel select dial.

It also comes with a useful set of accessories including a 12 Volt socket, battery charging cables and 10W 30 engine oil. There’s also a handy drain pan fitted underneath the oil filler plug, which helps prevent any spillage when topping it up.

Hyundai HY3200SEi

The Hyundai HY3200SEi is a powerful inverter generator that’s ideal for powering caravans and motorhomes. It has a maximum output of 3200w and continuous power rating of 2800w.

This petrol generator is built to be user-friendly with low maintenance requirements. Digital overload protection will shut the generator down if it’s unable to cope with the load, whilst low oil shutdown also turns off the machine should the oil levels drop too far.

It’s also equipped with an LCD display which enables you to check the voltage, frequency and hour count “ECO” mode lowers the engine revs to increase fuel economy and reduce noise.

Featuring a Hyundai 210cc 4-stroke OHV engine, this inverter generator can produce a maximum output of 3200w. It’s more than capable of powering televisions, small air compressors for inflatable beds, electric heaters, power tools laptops, lights and much more.

Briggs & Stratton PowerSmart P2400

Briggs & Stratton is a popular brand that is well known for their power equipment. They have a range of portable generators that are perfect for caravan/camping use, worksites, home backup power and more.

This 2.4kva inverter generator is quiet, easy to use and reliable. It is a good choice for people looking for a portable generator that won’t break the bank.

The P2400 is a great option for caravan owners who need a portable generator that can supply power for up to 8 hours at 25% load. It delivers 2400 starting watts and 1800 running watts, which is enough to power a wide range of appliances.

It is powered by a 457cc four-stroke engine and comes with several safety features. It includes LED lights to alert you when it needs oil and has an automatic shut-off when the fuel level is low. It also includes CO Guard carbon monoxide shutdown technology that will shut it down when it senses dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Hyundai P1

Hyundai are probably best known for their cars, but they also have a huge range of outdoor equipment, including this portable petrol generator. It’s a great piece of kit for camping, caravanning, and for keeping power on when the mains electric goes out.

It’s lightweight, easy to transport, and comes in a suitcase-like design with a robust top handle for easy manoeuvring. It’s powered by an IC54D Hyundai engine and is capable of producing up to 1,000 Watts starting and 900 Watts continuous supply power.

It features a digital overload safety feature that shuts down the unit for your protection and a low oil alert to minimize damage to the generator. It also has a convenient eco mode that automatically reduces engine RPM to match your power requirements saving fuel and noise.