Investing in a Backup Generator Can Save You From Power Outages

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Investing in a backup generator can save you from a lot of inconvenience during a power outage. In the case of an emergency, backup generators can provide you with an uninterrupted power supply for up to a week. In Eastern Ontario, for example, an ice storm in 1998 rendered many communities without power for weeks at a time. This meant that many residents were without heat, refrigeration, or even cooking appliances. This was especially devastating for rural areas. Some families were forced to relocate to temporary emergency shelters.


The Generac Backup Generator for Home is a great way to protect your home from power outages, without worrying about the cost or maintenance. It meets all national and local electrical codes, and it works with your circuit breaker panel to run appliances automatically. It also qualifies for a homeowner’s insurance discount.

Generac has been manufacturing generators since 1959. This company specializes in creating environmentally-friendly products that help maintain electrical systems and offer energy independence. If you live in Ontario, consider purchasing a Generac backup generator from a dealer who puts quality first. In London, J.D. Patrick Electric Inc. is a Generac-certified dealer and puts quality first. This company is also licensed by the Electrical Safety Authority, which regulates electrical safety in Ontario.

Generac has several backup generator options to help you stay safe and comfortable during an outage. The backup generator can be permanently installed and start providing power to your home in seconds. Automatic transfer switches can help you connect to your generator once the utility is back online. This will ensure that your home has uninterrupted power for hours.

Generac back up generators are designed to run any task, from small appliances to entire systems. You can program your Generac backup generator to automatically start when a power outage occurs. This will save you time and money. Another great feature is that Generac’s back up generators use fuel efficiently with variable speed motors.


Kohler backup generators are available for a variety of needs, including homes, businesses and healthcare facilities. They are also available in different capacities. To find the right unit for your needs, you should contact an authorized Kohler distributor in your area. Their knowledgeable representatives can help you make a decision.

If you live in a storm-prone area or are concerned about losing power during a storm, a Kohler standby generator can keep the lights and appliances on during an outage. This type of generator is usually installed outside the home or business, where it will turn on automatically during a power outage. It uses propane or natural gas to provide power and does not need to be refueled. It automatically powers major appliances, lights, and other essential equipment. In a business setting, the generator can even power a cash register or computer.

Kohler generators are powerful and reliable. They feature commercial-grade engines and corrosion-proof enclosures. They have advanced voltage regulation and ultra-low harmonic distortion to protect valuable electronics. They can also handle large starting loads, like central air conditioners, without affecting other appliances. In addition, Kohler generators are built to withstand intense workloads.

Generac and Kohler are two of the top brands when it comes to backup generators for homes. These companies have been building reliable and durable generators for over 100 years. They manufacture portable, residential, and commercial generators.