How to Choose Which Portable Generator is Best For Home Use

which portable generator is best for home

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a portable generator for home use. The type of portable generator you choose will have a big impact on the power that it can produce, so you need to choose one that will provide the amount of power you need for your home. You should also consider the wattage that the generator provides, which can be found on the tool’s manual. You should also look for a 12-volt outlet, since it is easier to charge your wireless devices when using a portable generator.

Duromax XP12000EH

The DuroMax XP12000EH portable generator offers 18 HP and is built to accept high-wattage loads. This unit is a great option for home standby power, RV camping, and job sites. Its high-quality engine and well-constructed parts make it easy to operate. It also comes with a three-year factory warranty.

This portable generator runs on two types of fuel: gas and propane. Propane gas is stored in a compressed state that cannot be leaked. A single cylinder will run the unit for 20 hours when it is used at 50% average current load. In addition to this, it is CARB-certified and meets federal emission requirements.

Westinghouse XP6500 COsense

If you’re a fan of outdoor activities and backup power, you should consider a portable generator from Westinghouse. Their line of portable power solutions ranges from 1200 watts to 12,000 watts and can power everything from tailgate parties and RVs to air compressors and sump pumps. These machines also feature EPA and CARB compliant engines and have features to help you stay safe and protected. In addition, these machines come with low oil shut-down and an automatic voltage regulator.

The GP6500’s fuel tank holds nearly eight gallons of fuel and comes with a fuel gauge. This fuel gauge will let you know when it’s time to change the oil or perform routine maintenance. It also comes with a remote fob for easy starting.

Generac GP6500 COsense

The Generac GP6500 COsense Portable Generator is designed with safety and convenience in mind. Its COsense technology detects carbon monoxide levels and automatically shuts off the engine when levels are dangerous. Many people use generators with open windows, but this can lead to accumulation of CO, which can be deadly. This model is equipped with a COsense sensor that detects CO levels much faster than the typical household CO detector.

The GP6500 is equipped with a 6.9 gallon steel fuel tank and can run for up to 10.5 hours at 50% load. It comes with a 10-W-30 engine oil, handle and wheel kit, and owner’s manual. It features a one-inch steel frame and 9-1/2-inch never-flat wheels. It also has a folding handle, which makes it convenient to carry.


When comparing portable generators, it’s important to consider what features are important to you. The size and weight of the tank are important factors to consider, and the size of the tank on the RYOBI EU2200i is a little bit smaller than the one on the Honda EU2200GR. A smaller tank means that the EU2200i can last longer on a single tank of fuel. Both units offer 1800 watts, which is more than enough power for most home uses.

The EU2200i has a streamlined, clean enclosure. It also features an easy fuel shutoff and a vent for preventing fuel leakage. Additionally, this portable generator is equipped with two ports for parallel operation. If you need more power, you can connect two EU2200i generators to double the output to 3600 running and 4400 starting watts.

Duromax XP13000EH

If you are looking for a quiet whole house generator, the Duromax XP13000Eh is a great choice. It can run a 5-ton air conditioner and other appliances throughout the house without being too noisy. It is designed to run at 74 decibels at 25% load, which is very quiet for a home generator.

This portable generator features CARB and EPA certification. It comes with a fuel gauge and has an automatic low oil shutoff feature. The DuroMax XP13000EH has an open frame design and weighs 234 pounds. It also has a convenient folding handle for easy portability. It also has a control panel where you can monitor the voltage, frequency, and lifetime hours.

Honda EU2200i

If you’re looking for a portable generator for your home, consider the Honda EU2200i. It has a lot of features and is the best option for most homes. It is also relatively inexpensive. However, you must remember that you need to take care of the machine properly to avoid any malfunctions. If you have any problems, you need to contact Honda service agents right away so that they can fix the unit.

The Honda EU2200i is a reliable and efficient generator. Its automatic mechanical decompressor means that it will start with minimal force. It also has legendary noise reduction capabilities, allowing it to run in virtually silence, with a maximum noise level of 57 dB(A). It weighs less than 47 pounds and has a compact design, making it ideal for home use.