How Long Do Inverter Generators Last?

how long do inverter generators last

When looking for an inverter generator, it is important to consider how long they will last. The average model lasts about 2,000 hours. If you need it more frequently, you can upgrade to a two or three-kilowatt model. Many models are solid state, so they will sit on a shelf for many years before they need to be operated. In addition, you won’t have to worry about fuel storage or the noise from a cranking generator.

2,000 hours

Portable camping generators are made to last anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 hours. Manufacturers typically expect their products to last twice as long if they are maintained properly. A properly maintained inverter generator can last up to twice that time. The manual for your specific generator will give you specific instructions on how to perform maintenance.

You should check the oil level on your inverter generator every time you use it. You should change the oil every six months or after 20 hours of use. To do this, use a dipstick to determine the oil level. You can also change the oil by screwing the oil discharge pipe into the oil reservoir. Once you’ve changed the oil, tilt your inverter generator forward so you can pour the oil. Additionally, you should clean the air filter before and after each use. A clean air filter is also recommended every 50 hours or three months.

Inverter generators offer a dependable power source for emergency situations. They can also power large appliances and hard-wired equipment. Their quiet operation makes them an excellent choice for sensitive electronic equipment. They’re also fuel efficient, but they can be expensive. You can’t run them on natural gas or propane, and you must use stabilized gasoline to use them. In this way, they can last for a long time.