How Can a Whole House Generator Zoom Out During a Power Outage?

can whole house generator zoom out

What is a whole house generator?

During a power outage, a whole house generator will automatically start up and supply your home with electricity. It will then switch to standby mode until the power comes back on, giving you peace of mind that all of your critical systems and appliances are working properly.

A whole house generator is a lot like a standby generator but bigger and more powerful. They are generally between 22-40 kilowatts in size and operate using natural gas or propane.

They are also designed to automatically activate and connect to your house’s electrical panel with an automatic transfer switch. They can also be paired with blackout detection to detect and automatically turn on when the power goes out, making it much easier than walking outside and manually starting your generator.

When it comes to choosing the right generator for your needs, consider how much power you need and how many appliances you want to run during a power outage. Then use our sizing calculator to determine which size generator you should buy.

How do whole house generators work?

When a whole house generator senses that the utility power has gone out, it will automatically start up and supply your home’s electrical needs. This will help keep you and your family safe, prevent food spoilage, and allow any electric garage doors or property gates to open.

A whole house backup generator also offers a lot more convenience and flexibility than portable generators. These units can be run on natural gas or propane, making them easier to refuel.

While they are more expensive than portable generators, whole house generators can last decades with proper maintenance and care. This makes them a good investment for your home and the peace of mind they provide.

Most standby whole house generators are connected to your home’s electrical system by an automatic transfer switch. This switch monitors primary utility power and sends a signal to the generator when it detects a loss of electricity.

Can whole house generators zoom out?

If a power outage occurs, you can rely on a whole house generator to automatically start up in seconds. This is a particularly important feature in homes that have power-dependent medical devices like respirators, home dialysis machines and other life-saving systems. Without these power backups, many of the vital functions of these life-saving systems would be disrupted. This is not only a safety concern but an incredibly stressful situation when it happens. A whole house generator is also an effective way to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a common problem with portable generators. For these reasons, a whole house generator is a wise investment for any homeowner.

Can whole house generators zoom in?

Unlike smaller portable generators, whole house generators can provide enough power to run all of your home’s appliances. They are also designed to automatically detect blackouts and start up in seconds, so you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home to manually activate a backup. This is especially important if you have medical equipment in the house, such as oxygen or dialysis machines. Additionally, some models are equipped with automatic shutoff features that prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from engine exhaust. Buying a whole house generator is an investment that pays for itself over time. Talk with an expert to determine the proper size generator for your needs and schedule a free estimate to have it installed.