Home Generator Interlock Kit Installation

home generator interlock kit installation

A home generator interlock kit connects a generator to a panel. When utility power is off, the interlock blocks generator back-feeding to the electrical grid.

It works by physically interfering between the main breaker and the generator back-feed breaker. This is a safer and cheaper option than an automatic transfer switch, which is more complex and expensive.

How It Works

A home generator interlock kit installation is a simple, cost-effective way to divert incoming power from your home’s electrical panel to your portable generator. It eliminates the need for a separate transfer switch, which is both expensive and time-consuming to install.

An interlock kit works by creating a mechanical interference between the main circuit breaker and a generator back feed breaker. This interference prevents both breakers from being turned on at the same time.

This prevents backfeeding of the generator into your home’s utility system, which can electrocute power company workers and harm a generator.

A home generator interlock kit can be installed on many different types of electrical panels. It’s important to match the interlock kit model to your existing electrical panel.

Installation Process

Home generator interlock kits are a great way to protect your home or business against power outages and prevent carbon monoxide gas buildup from portable generators. They are also essential to ensure the safety of your family and pets while you use a generator for emergencies.

The installation process is simple. Start by turning off your main breaker switch and remove the cover plate from the breaker panel.

After the cover is removed, flip it over and align the interlock kit in the right position. Mark the drill holes and secure it with the screws provided in your kit.

In less time than a manual transfer switch or a sub-panel, you can have an interlock installed on your panel to prevent backfeeding. Backfeeding can cause severe injury to linemen working outside your home, as well as serious fires from extension cords.


A home generator interlock kit is a safe way to connect your generator to your panel board. It prevents the generator circuit breaker from backfeeding power to your main breaker, which is a dangerous situation.

During installation, you should be careful to follow all safety precautions. This will ensure that you and your family are not at risk of injury.

In addition, you should make sure that you purchase the correct interlock kit for your electrical panel. It should fit your panel brand and type, and the amperage of the main breaker and branch breakers in your panel.

The price of a home generator interlock kit varies depending on the labor costs and hardware you need to purchase. However, the average cost is around $700-800.


Home generators provide a safe, reliable alternative to utility power during a power outage. They’re also an easy and affordable way to ensure that your home is well equipped for emergencies.

A generator interlock kit, installed by a professional electrician, prevents the main breaker and generator back feed breaker from being turned on at the same time. This helps to eliminate the biggest danger associated with a generator, back feeding electricity into your home’s circuitry.

The first step in choosing the right interlock kit is to take notes about the circuit breaker panel, including the brand of panel, its amperage, the measurement between the main breaker and branch breakers, and the location (centered, offset to right, or offset to left) and direction that the breaker flips (up and down, or right and left).

These items are essential for selecting the correct inlet box and adapter for your home. Once you have these components, you’re ready to move on to the actual installation process.