Generac PWRview 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

backup generator automatic transfer switch

You may have heard of the Generac PWRview 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch. Perhaps you’ve thought about purchasing one for your home. Here are some features to look for. This will help you make the right choice. These switches also feature many features, including soft loading and load shedding for your optional circuits. These features will help reduce peak load demands on utilities.


A backup generator automatic transfer switch is an important piece of equipment when it comes to ensuring the safety of your home or business in the event of a power outage. These devices automatically transfer power from the primary source to the backup generator whenever necessary. Most of these devices are installed by homeowners who live in an area prone to frequent power outages. These devices come in various sizes and can be purchased in different price ranges.

A portable generator automatic transfer switch is a great option for homes with a generator. This device works by detecting power fluctuations and automatically switching to backup power. While manual switching can be tricky, automatic transfer switches are safer and will ensure the stable voltage needed to protect electrical equipment. Once switched off, the automatic transfer switch will revert to the primary power source.

An automatic transfer switch uses a microprocessor to monitor electrical signals. It measures voltage and frequency to ensure that the incoming supply is stable and sufficient.

Generac PWRview 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

Generac PWRview is a home energy monitoring system that’s integrated into Generac’s backup generators. It lets you see your electricity usage in real time and reduce your power bill. You can even reduce your fuel consumption by controlling the load on your generator.

The PWRview Automatic Transfer Switch is capable of managing four separate HVAC loads. The system also has an integrated Generac Home Energy Monitoring System, which allows you to track your energy use through a mobile app. The PWRview Automatic Transfer Switch is also compatible with all single-phase Generac generators.

The Generac PWRview 200 Amp Automatic Transition Switch offers smart power management. The switch’s built-in Smart A/C Module manages heavy contactor loads, including up to four air conditioners, without the need for additional hardware. It can prevent overloads by preventing multiple loads from starting at the same time.

Generac W2R-2P Automatic Transfer Switch

If you’re looking for a backup generator transfer switch that automatically turns your generator on and off in case of a power outage, consider the Generac W2R-2P automatic transfer device. This model features a 50-amp capacity, which is ample for most home applications. It’s also very quiet, making it ideal for use in enclosed areas. Another advantage of this automatic transfer switch is that it will automatically reconnect itself to the primary source when the generator is turned off. This will save you time, especially if you’re traveling and need to connect the backup generator to a backup power source quickly.

Another advantage of this automatic transfer switch is that it can provide power transfer in a matter of seconds. With its built-in protection features, the ATS will prevent damage to other electrical equipment during the switchover phase. These switches are suitable for various voltages and hertz AC rated current.

Generac Sub-Panel Automatic Transfer Switch

The Generac PWRview 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch comes with real-time energy monitoring, which helps homeowners save energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. It works with a free mobile app to provide energy usage data on selected circuits. It can help homeowners figure out which appliances are consuming the most energy and how to make them more energy efficient.

A Generac transfer switch can be manual or automatic, and works with your existing electrical system. It allows you to switch the power from your generator to your home appliances without the use of extension cords. It allows you to power your entire house or only a few appliances, making it perfect for emergencies or for backup power.

Generac offers a number of options for a transfer switch, including a whole house model. The switch can be used with any Generac unit, provided it is single or three-phase rated.