Generac Home Generator – Why the Yellow Light on Your Generac Home Generator Blinks

generac home generator yellow light

If you own a Generac home generator, you may notice that its yellow light blinks periodically. This is a factory-set maintenance reminder that your unit needs to be serviced.

When you see this yellow light, it’s time to call a generator repair expert. The team at Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks is ready to help.

It’s Time for Maintenance

When the yellow light on your generator comes on, it’s a signal that maintenance is needed. This can include changing your oil, air filter or battery.

It is also time to have the fuel regulator checked for gaskets and diaphragms that are starting to wear down. These can cause serious issues and make it impossible for your generator to work.

During the annual maintenance of your Generac home generator, technicians will check for these faults.

This could mean that it is time to change the fuel filter on your standby generator. Reusing an old fuel filter can introduce tiny metal fragments and other impurities into the gas and decrease its performance and lifespan.

Once you change the fuel filter, you’ll see the yellow light turn off. You can then put your unit to the manual position, test it and run it for five minutes to ensure that it is working correctly. If it does, then you can move it to the auto position.

It’s a Warning

If you see a yellow light on your generator, this is a warning. It means that maintenance is required on your Generac home backup generator.

The yellow light also indicates that it is time for an oil change and air filter change, as well as a battery inspection and spark plug change. If you don’t do these things, the light will continue to come on.

Depending on the type of generator you have, there may be other lights that indicate issues with your generator. These include a red light that indicates a serious problem, a green light that suggests the unit is working properly, and a yellow light that is a service reminder.

If you have an older generator, you may have noticed that the yellow light comes on and stays on when your generator is idle. This is normal since these types of generators don’t produce current when the engine is idling.

It’s a Reminder

A yellow light on a generac home generator is normally a reminder to perform maintenance. It’s time to change the oil and air filter, check the spark plugs, and inspect the battery.

However, if the light has been on for a long time, it can be due to other problems such as high temperature or a pressure sensor malfunction. If this is the case, you should have your generator checked by a service provider.

It’s a good idea to do this once every year to make sure your generator is running properly. It will save you money on untimely repairs and help keep your generator working as it should.

To reset the light, turn off your generator and press the ‘Enter’ key on the control panel. Once you have the light reset, test it by running it for five minutes and see if everything is functioning properly. Then, switch your generator back to “Auto” mode and enjoy the benefits of a backup power source!

It’s Time for Repair

The yellow light on your Generac home generator acts as a factory-set maintenance reminder. When it flashes, you need to get your generator serviced immediately to keep it running smoothly.

In fact, this light is one of the most important and impressive features of your GenStar standby generator. It can tell you a lot about your generator, including the condition of its battery and oil.

If you’re unsure what the yellow light on your generator is telling you, give TriStar Electric a call! Our team of experts can help you troubleshoot and fix any problem your unit is exhibiting.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our online product support center for a wealth of information about your Generac generator. You can find specifications, manuals, and other resources to make sure your generator is ready for the next outage. It’s always a good idea to take advantage of these tools to stay ahead of problems and avoid paying for unnecessary repairs!