Generac Backup Generators

backup generator generac

A Generac backup generator can be purchased for a relatively low price. The price of a 7.5kW model can be around $2,000. The price of a 22kW or 24kW model can be around $5,000. The price of a 45kW model can run up to $14,000. If you plan to use your Generac backup generator for emergency power, you can expect to spend at least $3,000 on its purchase.


Automatic backup generators, such as Generac’s, eliminate the inconvenience and worry of power outages and provide reliable power to your home. Built to meet national and local electrical codes, the Generac backup generator works with your circuit breaker panel to automatically operate appliances and lighting. Its safety features even make it eligible for a homeowner’s insurance discount.

Generac generators come in a variety of kW ratings and types to match the needs of any home or business. They operate on natural gas, propane, and diesel and can be purchased with or without a standby power option. They are typically installed outside the home like air conditioning units and require minimal input from the homeowner.

Generac generators feature free remote monitoring software that helps keep you informed of its operation. They also have a G-force engine which produces smooth and efficient power with minimal harmonic distortion. And because they’re backed by a nationwide dealer network, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your generator will work as expected.


Generac’s Guardian Series manual backup generators are pre-wired and come with comprehensive installation instructions. You can install the system yourself, or hire a professional to do the work. An experienced contractor will be able to meet all local and national codes, and make sure the generator is properly grounded and hooked up. They’ll also take care of all the little details, such as making sure the power cord is grounded.

These generators can back up multiple circuits and appliances in your home. They can also back up single loads and provide backup power to outlying buildings. Manual backup generators can be installed indoors or outdoors, and Generac recommends that you have a certified electrician do the installation. Using one will help you avoid putting your home and family at risk during a power failure.

Generac generators come with transfer switches that make it simple to switch between generator and household power. They allow you to switch power sources easily and safely, and eliminate the hassle of messy extension cords throughout your home.


Generac is a long-established leader in the backup power space and has expanded its range to include battery storage systems. These systems work in tandem with clean energy systems, like solar panels, and store and distribute that power in the home. These systems are also highly scalable, so you can add more or fewer batteries to fit your specific needs.

Generac’s PWRcell system provides uninterrupted backup power for essential appliances and devices in the home during a power outage. The system can generate up to 9 kW of continuous backup power – enough to run four large appliances at a time. These batteries are solar-charged, so they’re not a good choice for off-grid homes.

While most battery backup systems can run off one backup battery, the Generac PWRcell provides an entire home solar battery backup system. The PWRcell combines the best of solar and backup systems into one convenient package. This backup system also works in conjunction with a home solar system, including solar panels and racking.