DuroMax XP10000EH Dual Fuel Generator Review

duromax xp10000eh dual fuel generator

When it comes to portable generators, the DuroMax XP10000EH dual fuel generator is a top choice. It is powered by an 18HP engine and is able to handle large electrical loads while easily powering multiple appliances at once.

The unit has a fully featured power panel with a variety of outlets for your needs. It also includes a volt meter, circuit breakers, and a remote start switch.


The duromax xp10000eh dual fuel generator is a great choice for powering your home through storms and emergencies. It has a powerful 18 HP engine and runs on gasoline or propane, giving you the freedom to choose which fuel you want.

The xp10000eh also includes safety features such as an automatic low oil shut-off and overload protection (circuit breaker). It also has a super quiet muffler that reduces noise levels.

What’s more, it comes with a wheel kit and charging cables for easy transport. It’s also EPA-approved and CARB compliant, so you can use it in all 50 states.

Its running wattage is 8,000 and starting watts are 10,000, which should be more than enough for most homes. The XP10000eh runs on either gas or propane, and it can be started by using an electric key or with a recoil start. Its fuel gauge lets you know when the tank is low and it has a volt meter and an idle control switch for added safety.

Fuel Capacity

The duromax xp10000eh dual fuel generator runs on either gasoline or liquid propane, which means you have the flexibility of using one or the other if needed. This helps you maximize the run time of your generator and reduce any negative impacts of switching between fuel types, including maintenance and storing the fuel.

This generator also features our MX2 Power Boost which doubles 120V power for appliances and RVs. It is also transfer switch ready so you can easily connect it to your home’s breaker box in case of a power outage.

The XP10000EH’s powerful 18 horsepower, 440cc OHV engine is designed for long run times and easy operation. The engine also features idle control, which automatically raises or lowers RPMs until power is needed to conserve fuel and reduce noise levels. Low oil shutdown helps protect the engine, while a fuel gauge makes it easy to check your gas level.

Noise Levels

Despite its powerful engine, this generator is not extremely noisy. Its decibel level is comparable to a vacuum cleaner and it runs quietly for up to 10 hours.

The XP10000EH is powered by a 18 HP air-cooled engine that is capable of delivering 10,000 watts of power. This makes the generator ideal for a variety of applications such as backup power, outdoor activities and construction sites.

It can be used to run on gasoline or propane fuel, allowing you to switch between the two quickly and easily. It also comes with a convenient electric start system that is easy to operate.

This generator is EPA and CARB-compliant and features a spark arresting muffler that cuts down on fire risks while operating. It also has a low oil indicator and overload protection (circuit breaker) that ensures safety.


The Duromax XP10000EH dual fuel generator is a great backup power source for your home or office during an emergency. It can also help you power your refrigerator and freezer during a power outage or keep your lights on during a blackout.

The XP10000EH is powered by an 18-horsepower engine, which provides enough power to run your entire home for up to 10+ hours. It can also power several high-amperage appliances, including a furnace, air conditioning system and multiple power tools at once.

In addition, this generator features an efficient engine that burns less fuel than other models, saving you money in the long run. It also comes with a recoil starter for extra safety.

Another feature that sets this model apart from others is the ability to switch between gasoline and propane. This allows you to choose the best fuel for your needs based on how long the power outage lasts.