Choosing a Standby Generator Switch

standby generator switch

An ATS or automatic transfer switch automatically disconnects and reconnects your standby generator when utility power returns. This helps you avoid a power outage. An ATS is also good for businesses and is often CVEC-approved. However, it is important to research your options to make sure you’re getting the right one for your needs.

Generac transfer switches

When choosing between the different options for Generac standby generator switch transfer switches, consider what features are most important to you. Most homeowners want coverage of all their circuits at all times. However, you can also choose only those circuits that need to be protected. These Generac transfer switches are ideal for residential, commercial, and light industrial applications.

Generac standby generator switch transfer switches come in a wide range of sizes, with varying capabilities. Some are service entrance rated while others are whole house transfer switches. In any case, you should choose the right one for your home. Generac standby generator switch transfer switches are available in models that can handle up to 16 circuits.

Champion aXis platform

The Champion aXis platform standby generator switching system includes several innovative features that make it the perfect choice for home backup. Power Line Carrier technology allows the generator to communicate with the home wiring, eliminating the need to run separate wires. The aXis Wi-Fi Direct feature allows the installer to remotely program the generator, reducing setup time and cost. Its advanced features include a 200-amp distribution panel backup and a Load Management Module that manages high-demand appliances.

The Champion aXis platform standby generator system includes a 14 kW aXis Home Standby Generator and 200A aXis ATS Whole House Automatic Transfer Switch. The system runs on a home’s fuel supply and starts automatically when utility power is lost. It can run in temperatures from -22 degrees to 104 degrees.

Generac ATS 30

A Generac ATS 30 standby generator switch is an automatic transfer switch that is designed to operate with Generac digital control on air-cooled and liquid-cooled generators. Its wattage range is 22 to 150 kW. The switch is not service-rated, but it can be used with a wide range of generators.

This automatic transfer switch connects a standby generator to the home’s main electrical panel. The switch automatically switches between generator and utility power whenever power is lost or when the utility fails to supply it. The switch is also designed to detect when power is out and switch back to utility power when power is restored.

Generac transfer switches are designed to provide safe connection between your portable generator and your home appliances. They are installed next to your home’s electrical panel, eliminating the need for messy extension cords throughout the house. Generac’s automatic transfer switches also make power management easy by automatically redirecting power from the generator to the household.

CVEC-approved open-transition automatic transfer switch

Open-transition automatic transfer switches offer break-before-make (BBM) transfer sequences where the load is disconnected from one source and connected to the alternate source. This process is generally accomplished quickly, but the brief interruption to power may be noticeable to building occupants, especially those who are sensitive to electronic equipment. This is why the industry recommends a Delayed Transition option for medium and large load profiles.

Open-transition automatic transfer switches are able to handle a brief power interruption when switching between utility power and local backup power. This delay allows residual voltage in the circuits to degrade, ensuring safe transfer. These automatic transfer switches are available with various safety features and are ideal for use in industries that require a fast and reliable power backup.

Generac GRLC 23

The Generac GRLC 23 standby generator has two bus structures for its internal wiring. The upper bus section connects to the utility power source. The lower bus section connects to critical circuits. This feature allows a single generator to be converted to a standby generator and operate without interruption.

The ATS 30 consists of a non-automatic switch 34 in the lower interior section 31 and a voltage sensing breaker 36 in the upper interior section 21. The ATS30 mechanically switches between utility power and standby generator power in the event of a utility power outage. It also has an auto-isolation feature to isolate the upper interior section of a home in an emergency.

The Generac GRLC 23 standby generator transfer switch provides safe and reliable connection between a portable generator and the electrical systems of your home. It is installed next to the electrical panel in your home and enables the generator to connect to one source, eliminating the need for extension cords all over the home. The switch allows you to power an entire house or just the essential appliances.