Choosing a Propane Generator Champion

Generators can help you survive a power outage, but only if you choose the right one. They can be expensive and hard to find, but there are a few options available that will fit your needs and budget.

Champion offers a great range of dual-fuel generators that can run on either gas or propane. Some models even have an easy electric start option.

Dual-Fuel Generators

Dual-fuel generators use a combination of propane and gasoline to power appliances. They typically switch between fuels automatically or manually depending on power requirements or if one of the fuels runs out.

The benefits of dual-fuel generators are numerous. They’re ideal for people who live or work in remote areas or contractors who spend most of their time at job sites without reliable access to gas stations.

They are also useful for those who travel frequently. Having multiple fuel options lets you choose the type that’s most convenient for where you’re going and helps reduce the number of times you have to refill your generator.

Many dual-fuel generators are capable of supplying up to 12,000 watts, and some even have a peak power output of up to 16,000 watts. They’re often marketed as being capable of providing backup power for a home during an emergency or as a recreational generator that you can take with you camping and RVing.

Single-Fuel Generators

Generators powered by propane are an increasingly popular option for many people because they are environmentally friendly and cost effective. They also have a lower energy density than gasoline and diesel.

In addition to this, they have a longer shelf life than gasoline and can be stored for a long period of time before needing to be refueled. This makes them a good choice for powering up a home or business in an emergency where gas or diesel are unavailable.

Another benefit of propane is that it is easier to store than gasoline, so it’s a great choice for emergencies. Unlike diesel, propane can start in cold weather, making it a good choice for areas that experience harsh winters.

If you’re looking for a portable generator that will run on both gas and propane, Champion’s 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator with Electric Start is the perfect option. With 12500 watts of peak output and 9 hours of runtime on a gasoline tank or 10.5 hours on a propane tank, it’s an excellent choice for powering up your home or business in an emergency situation.

Portable Generators

Portable generators are compact, light-weight, and easy to use. They’re also affordable and fuel efficient.

They are an excellent option for home backup power and camping. These generators run on propane, a renewable natural gas that’s more affordable than gasoline and a better choice for the environment.

These generators can be used to power many appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioning, and sump and well pumps. They also work well for lighting, power tools, and other items that aren’t plugged into an outlet.

In addition, these generators can be used to power lights and heaters in homes during a power outage. They’re also great for camping because they can be carried anywhere.

There are several things to consider when choosing a portable generator, including its power output, engine capacity, and fuel efficiency ratings. Checking each of these features can help you find the best generator for your needs and budget.

RV Generators

RV generators come in a variety of styles. Some are installed directly on the RV, while others are portable and can be moved to different campsites.

Most portable generators run on gasoline or diesel fuel, but some are dual-fuel models. This makes them more efficient and allows for easier transportation.

Whether you are camping or boondocking, you’ll want to choose an RV generator that has the power to keep your appliances and electronics running. You’ll also need one that can charge your RV battery.

A 2,000-watt or larger generator should be plenty to run most of your power needs. This will include charging electronics, your TV, and your kitchen appliances.