Can Portable Generators Be Used Indoors?

can portable generators be used indoors

If you’re a homeowner and need to use a portable generator, you have to choose a powerful model. The Jackery 500 Explorer has enough power to run a CPAP machine for nine hours and recharge an iPhone 53 times. It’s solar ready and has MPPT technology to maximize solar charging efficiency. To find the best indoor generator, you can read our reviews of the top brands, including Jackery, Bluetti, and Energizer.

Sun Joe

Using Sun Joe portable generators indoors can make life much easier for everyone. They are compact, easy to store, and offer more power than most other brands. Unlike many other generators, these are safe to use inside the house. However, they should not be used in areas that have frequent flooding, as floods can damage or even destroy them. If you need to use a generator indoors, be sure to follow the guidelines below.

When buying a portable generator, make sure you choose a model that’s weather-proof. If you live in a climate where heavy rain can damage sensitive outlets, pop-up canopies won’t cut it. Pop-up canopies are also easy to damage if wind is over 20 mph and it’s hard to anchor them to a driveway. Moreover, you should carefully consider the cost, which can range from $75 to over $300, depending on the quality of the frame and fabric.

Jackery 500 Explorer

The Jackery 500 Explorer portable generator is a small and lightweight unit with three 12v outlets. It has a maximum power output of 10 amps and can be used to run 12v appliances such as LED puck lights. It comes with a cigarette lighter male pigtail and a small fuse block for additional safety. It has a lithium battery with a capacity of 518 watt hours, the same chemistry as Tesla powerwall units.

This unit is best used indoors, and it can run most small to medium-sized devices. The Jackery 500 Explorer can handle devices up to 500 watts and has an external temperature sensor to ensure safety. It can be safely used in rooms that have low temperatures, so it can be used even indoors. It is available in various colors to match any interior decor. There is a manual in English and Spanish and a user guide online.


When buying a portable generator, it is important to find one that will work indoors. The Bluetti AC200P is one such generator. It can power a wide variety of items, including LED lights, small appliances, and even CPAP machines. This small generator has a 2400Wh battery capacity, which means it can run for up to 80 hours on a single charge. The AC200P can also be used as a back-up power source when a portable power generator is not available.

The AC200P supports pass-through charging with solar panels. The AC200P can power a wide variety of loads at the same time. Although the battery does not get fully recharged on the first run, it is recommended to charge the battery every 3-6 months or so. To extend battery life, a Bluetti portable generator can be charged every month or once every three months. However, this process can take a little longer than usual.

PryMAX 300W

The PryMAX 300W portable generator is lightweight, compact and surprisingly powerful. Its lithium battery cells are capable of running a cell phone up to forty times, a laptop up to seven hours, and a 32″ TV for up to five hours. Its built-in smart fan and two pure sine AC outlets allow you to power all your electronics. With a two-year warranty, this portable power station is a great option for emergency situations and camping.

This PryMAX 300W portable generator can power a CPAP machine. The unit can be charged through a solar panel or carport. It can also be recharged through the solar panel or a wall outlet. It comes with a user manual and a PryMAX service card. It also features overpower, electromagnetic field, short circuit, and recovery protection. It can be recharged through solar power, but it takes six to eight hours to fully recharge.

Jackery Explorer

During a power outage, it is important to have non-perishable food on hand. With the power of Jackery portable generators, you can run an electric grill and cooking plate for an hour or more. This gives you plenty of time to cook a hot meal, but don’t expect it to power an entire house. In such a situation, you should carry the right portable power station.

While charging the battery, the Jackery Explorer can supply through-charge power for up to 440W. Because the Jackery Explorer recharges its battery via a 110V socket, the power to the socket is limited. However, if you need to use the generator indoors, the 440W output is enough to power a laptop, a light, or a television set. With Jackery Explorer portable generators, you can also use them in indoor environments.