Buy a Dual Fuel Generator at Sam’s Club

dual fuel generator sams club

When the power goes out in your home or on your job site, a portable dual fuel generator can provide the backup you need. Sam’s Club offers a range of gas, propane and diesel generators that can keep your appliances running until the power comes back on. Shop for these power generators and more at members-only prices at Sam’s Club.


Dual fuel generators use a combustion engine that burns either gasoline or propane to produce energy. The output from each fuel varies depending on the engine’s efficiency.

If you want a generator that’s easy on the environment, then propane is the way to go. It’s a fossil fuel that was formed millions of years ago when plants and animals died, leaving behind a residue in rocks deep underground.

These fossils became trapped and formed into natural gas and petroleum deposits. Propane is a more environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline because it doesn’t emit any carbon into the air when burned.

Another benefit of using propane as a dual fuel generator sam’s club is that it’s much quieter than gasoline. This may be important to you if you live close to your neighbors or have concerns that the noise of your generator will attract unwanted attention in a post-disaster situation.

Dual-fuel generators typically have dedicated tanks that hold both types of fuel. They also have a switch that allows you to choose which fuel type to run the generator on.


Dual fuel generators are an excellent option for emergency backup power. They can run on both gasoline and liquified petroleum gas (LPG), commonly called propane, so you don’t have to worry about being tied into the availability of one type of fuel.

Unlike gasoline, which degrades in storage, propane is very stable. This means it won’t go stale or gum up carburetors after sitting for a long time.

Because of this, many homeowners choose to use a dual fuel generator as an additional power source during an emergency. They can also be useful if you have an RV or camper that uses propane as its main fuel supply.

As a bonus, most of these portable generators are light and easy to move around thanks to a wheel kit. Some even come with a steel lift frame that makes it easier to load and unload them.

Natural Gas

Using natural gas as a fuel source for your generator is one of the smartest moves you can make to reduce your carbon footprint. Besides the obvious benefit of not adding greenhouse gases to our atmosphere, gas powered machines like this are also cheaper than their counterparts that use liquid propane or diesel fuel.

In fact, Sam’s Club has a number of great dual fuel generators on sale at members only prices. The best is the DuroMax XP5500EH. It boasts a hefty 4 gallon fuel tank that runs for up to 9 hours of power. It produces 4,500 watts of running power and 5,500 watts of peak power on gasoline. It also has two 120-volt standard household outlets and one 120/240-volt twist-lock outlet to run 240V appliances and tools.

You’ll probably need to do a bit of research to find a dual fuel generator that fits your needs. The most important thing to remember is that a good model should be durable, easy to operate and offer multiple electrical output options.