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Brushed Vs. Brushless Generators

When it comes to choosing the right generator, two options often stand out. This includes the brushed and brushless generator. This comparison will take a look at what each generator is all about and how to compare them when choosing the right fit for your situation. It is important to understand how a generator works to better decide on the various options.

What is a Brushed Generator?

A brushed generator relies on the use of friction to create energy for sustainable performance. This friction creates a natural burst of energy, which propels the generator to retain its energy production. This causes the electricity to go through the generator. Once the brush makes contact and moves, it helps push the electricity through the alternator to the source.

What is a Brushless Generator?

A brushless generator has a specialized motor used to create electricity and move it to the alternator. The goal here is to not use the friction from a brush to manage energy production. Instead, the motor does all of the work. The motor is set up at the end of the generator to let it produce electricity. This is a common type of generator that is used for situations where it will run over the long haul.

Differences Between Brushed and Brushless Generator

Noise Production

It all starts with noise production. The brushed motor tends to make more noise in comparison to the brushless generator. This is a key detail to think about when it comes to setting up the generator. You may not want to have the generator making a lot of noise during the day. However, those who are on the go are not going to care as much and won’t mind the brushed version. It comes down to your situation and what you are on the lookout for.


A key option that is mentioned when it comes to a brushless motor is the smoothness it brings to the table. A brushed generator is smooth too, but it will often depend on its use. The brushless generator can do far better when it comes to maintaining stability in precarious situations. This makes it ideal for different situations as it will not let you down at any stage.


When it comes to sizing, you are going to enjoy what the brushless generator brings to the process. It will be two or three times smaller than the average brushed generator. This is a noticeable difference for those who are always on the go and need something easy to move around. This includes relocating it to the same site. You will want a solution that is not cumbersome and that is not an issue with a brushless generator. On the other hand, a brushed motor is more substantial when it comes to its size.

Upfront Cost

This is where the brushed generator does better. Those who are on a budget may not be able to afford a brushless generator. This is where the brushed version comes out ahead because it will be easier to pay for it upfront. If you are someone that is on the hunt for a good deal, it is these details that will matter a lot. You can find a great deal with this solution and get the type of value that will bring a smile to your face.


The longevity tends to go through the roof when it comes to overall performance with a brushed generator. It tends to last longer than a brushless generator, provided the generator is properly maintained. The reason a brushless motor is not easy to manage has to do with how intricate the motor is. This takes a much longer time to repair and that is a detail you have to account for if you are relying on the generator. Having to call a specialist each time can be frustrating and something you will have to pay for too. A brushed generator does not pose this type of issue and is good for those who are on a tighter budget.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing between a brushed and brushless generator, it’s important to understand your situation and how the generator is going to be set up. You might not like how a specific generator works because it does not fit with your life requirements. This is normal and it is important to go through the differences listed here before choosing. For example, a person might need a portable generator, which is not ideal with a brushed generator. You will want a brushless generator for such a situation.