Adding a Backup Generator Meter Connection to Your Home

backup generator meter connection

Adding a backup generator meter connection to your home can increase your home’s safety and convenience. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to install a backup generator. If you’re considering this type of system, there are a few things you need to know. For starters, you need to know exactly what type of backup generator you have. This will ensure that you know exactly what kind of power you’ll be getting in an emergency.

GenerLink device

GenerLink is a device that allows you to connect a backup generator to your electric meter. The device connects to a 240V four-pronged outlet on your generator. This device comes with a 20-foot cable for easy installation. Before using the device, you must submit an application to the CCEC.

This device connects your generator to your home’s electric service and automatically disconnects you from the power grid during outages. It is designed to eliminate the need for a transfer switch and prevent dangerous back feed. Additionally, it has surge protection built in to protect your appliances during an outage.

If you don’t want to rewire your electrical system, GenerLink is an ideal solution. This device can easily connect your backup generator to your home’s electric service. It prevents power back-feeds and can also be upgraded with Bluetooth technology. It is available in two models, one with 75kA per phase surge protection, and a larger version for heavier loads.

After your home is installed with the GenerLink device, PG&E will train you on how to use the backup generator source in case of an emergency. Your representative will also help you understand the six-step process of connecting your qualified portable generator to the backup power transfer meter. This process is simple and will ensure that your backup generator is ready for use when power is interrupted. When you have a backup generator, you can power essential devices while the power supply goes down.

GenerLink cable

The GenerLink cable for backup generator meter connections was designed with safety, convenience, and flexibility in mind. The cable features a collar that plugs into a standard residential meter socket. It also features an interconnection cable that allows easy connection with a generator. This cable is capable of providing up to 8.5 kW of power, which is more than enough for basic emergency power needs. Its safety features help prevent injury to line crews during emergency power outages.

The GenerLink cable for backup generator meter connections is available in 20 feet. It is compatible with most portable generators and is suitable for a temporary home connection. However, it will not work with generators that produce more than 9600 watts of power. In addition, the cable cannot connect to electric service that is over 200 amps. There is also an option to upgrade the cord to include surge protection. This can be especially useful if there are hard-wired appliances in the house that are not protected by power strips.

The GenerLink cable for backup generator meter connections is sealed inside the meter socket by SureConnect. This prevents any danger from entering or exiting the socket. However, it is recommended that you protect the generator from weather conditions and place it at least 3 metres from the house. A generator’s manual may also provide instructions on safe operation.

The installation of the GenerLink cable is performed by Bartholomew County REMC linemen. The process usually takes no more than 30 minutes. The cord can be purchased in different sizes and lengths. A 40-foot cord costs $60, a 60-foot cord costs $110, an 80-foot cord costs $170, and a 100-foot cord costs $210. Some GenerLink cables also come with surge protection for wired-in appliances. This surge protection is available for an additional fee of $75. There is a $1,000 limit for each claim. This coverage is only available for White Goods Appliances, however, and it is secondary to any applicable product warranties and service contracts.

The GenerLink cable is a low-cost alternative to the traditional generator meter connection. It allows you to safely connect a portable generator to your home’s electric system while preventing power back feeds. It connects to standard household electric services and is rated to connect portable generators ranging from 4,400 to 10,000 watts.